Sunday, July 09, 2006

World Cup Finals (Fries VS Pizzas)

Finally, the world cup in Germany is over.

I just got back from Penang earlier today so that I can join my buddies to watch the finals of the world cup besides having to get back to work. To be honest, this is the first world cup finals I have watched outside of the home. I use to be the guy who rather spend time at home.

We had dinner at Kim Gary in Sunway Pyramid (see picture) before heading to a place in Subang Jaya to watch the game.

Kim Gary @ Sunway Pyramid

My views on the final were that the game was a bit too long as I was worried about getting to work and concentrating the next day. I stood by the Pizzas (Italy) from the start and they indeed won from the penalty shoot out. It all came down to the team not giving up after the Fries (France) scored the first goal in 7 minutes. Kudos to that!

Whatever it is, I had loads of fun.

Benny Ong XXX

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