Saturday, July 29, 2006

TGI Fridays (1 Utama)

Today is my Department partner, JC’s birthday.

Early at work, most of us sitting in a row were already in partying mood with some of us already dressed to do so. I decided to warm up the morning by playing some RnB tunes but was later told that I can’t do so as it interrupts others. I off course defended myself by saying that it was still early and not much people were around. I considerately put on my headphones at nine when work started to get serious.

However, everyone of us were chatting away using the in house messenger about the celebration afterwards.

I spent the rest of the day practically trying to stop thinking about partying and concentrating on finishing up my work. I left at about 5.30 on Song Yia’s ride to get back and get ready before heading to TGI Fridays at 1-Utama for the celebration.

Arriving early there, we waited for the others. I decided to take up the fountain drink with unlimited refills of Cola Lights which makes me feel less guilty as it mentions zero calories on the can. The funny thing is that, they will open up a can every time I requested for a refill. This made it easier for me to count how much round of cokes have I drank. To make up for the amount that I have paid for, I would need to drink at least 7 cans but that never happened.

For the meal wise, I decided to share the 39.99 set which consists of an Appetizer, Main Course and Dessert. I could not enjoy the Appetizer and Dessert because I was having sore throat. I must remember to take enough fluid!

We had fun the whole night and took loads of pictures. Some sneaks of the night are as below:

The birthday girl, JC was required to give a speech when approached by the team of waiters but refused to. Although my main objective was to get her in her birthday suit, I would settle for a speech which we later manage to force out of her. She was presented with a birthday cake which we all assume was part of the complimentary service.

As we were towards the end of our time at Fridays, a waiter came and apologize and explained that the cake was meant for another table and there were a misunderstanding. We of course gave up the cake but I can’t help wondering how would the other table feel after we have blow out their birthday cake.

The party continued on at Laundry in the Curve just opposite the new GSC’s Cineleisure. I got home at about 3 in the morning the next day to see my mum and sis asleep.

Well, that’s all for now and till next time, take care.

Benny Ong XXX

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Angie said...

Benny, I dont like my picture! I spoiled the entire pic with my blue outfit! But you look gorgeous in every picture! Hmph! : (