Saturday, July 22, 2006

Paintball Match At Desa Waterpark

Once again, I woke up from my mobile ringing feeling a little bit hung over from last night at Karma. I was told that my ride was coming in half an hour’s time. I got ready and at 11.00, there I was in Alison, Sri Petaling having my breakfast with Arnold. I was trying to get tips from a veteran player for the paintball game later.

I have played once at Bukit Jalil but am excited of the different maps in store. The place is called TAG at Taman Desa Waterpark. The building is practically an abandoned parking lot of about 4 split floors and a basement. There were fields next to the building were apparently there were another three maps.

TAG Paintball Park

The first two games we played indoor were called total annihilation. My team, Green won twice. I manage to survive the whole first round and eliminated the last player standing of the opposing team. The second round, I face a player which was not sporting. I have managed to shoot him directly on the mask but he still continues on playing and ran towards me and fired at close range. This act is very dangerous although I believe he was doing it out of excitement and unintentionally.

TAG Paintball Park

The next game played was called President. In this match, the bodyguards which will have unlimited life have to escort and bring an appointed President to the checkpoint safely. The rest of the remaining players will be terrorists and have to kill the president. I believe to win this game; you will have to hide and just save your bullets for the president and not fire on the bodyguards. My major mistake during this game was to fire at the bodyguards which revealed the place I was hiding.

TAG Paintball Park

The last two matches were carried out outdoors on a muddy forest like atmosphere. We were almost eaten alive by the mosquitoes in there. The played map was called Island and the objective was to capture the flag. There was only one flag and one team is supposed to protect it and the opposing team trying to get hold of it. It is usually the team guarding the flag that wins because of the way the map is. Visibility was poor because of the colder surroundings after the rain. Although it was not the safest location to play in at that time, we had tons of fun.

Here are some tips to share if you are playing paintball:

1) Wear long sleeve T-shirts
2) Wear Long Pants
3) Wear A Cap or Scarf
4) Bring Insect Repellent

And if you have a question about which Paintball location I prefer, it would definitely be Tag at Desa Waterpark.

Hopefully, today will be a good practice that will get me ready for the upcoming match that I will be having with the Management Team next time they are around in Malaysia.

Well, that’s all for now and take care…..

Benny Ong


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[...] This time the outing for CMG would be at Desa Waterpark. Instead of doing annual dinner yg setahun 2 kali tu, we organised some sort of telematches plus free and easy outting. Of cos la activity basah ini bukan kegemaran aku. #3 Paintball Match at Desa Water Park [...]

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