Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Feeling Dry

It has been quite a dry week for me or should I say month. It has been ages since I last posted a product review, written an article or even produce good content for my blog. I use to do this on a regular basis but feel rather dry nowadays. Now I even wonder how regular full time bloggers do it? Was it just a phase of my life that I was embracing? I reflected back upon what I said and realized that I was blogging for fun. Since I never kept a diary in my life and have always been impressed with the world of the internet, why not just have a blog and express the things I wish to say. Now, I have truly found the reason how this blog came about. As far as the content matters, I am enjoying myself updating the blog regularly and am doing it more for self fulfillment.

For the case of regular bloggers, some of them take it as a source of income. Well, not in my case. Do I wish I can earn money from my blog? Of course I do. However, it is not the main reason of my blog.

Well, at least I had something out of my chest and found out the reasons of having my blog. What do you think of my blog so far? I have roughly hundreds of visitors and hundreds of page views daily but rarely comments.

That’s all for the moment and take care….

Benny Ong XXX

P/S: I have brought my camera to KL from Penang and I promise to have regular pictures and at times video on my blog.... kudos!

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