Sunday, July 23, 2006

Easy Sunday

Today, was a relaxing day for me.

I stayed at home for a change after two late nights. I manage to catch up with some housekeeping of my desktop and updating my blog. Besides that, one of my sweetest and most adorable friends, ANGIE has loaned me her collection of CDs for me to rip. (To those watchdogs out there: I am ripping music for my own personal use)

This time around, I use the built in rip function of Windows Media Player. To ensure maximum compatibility of your music, please rip them as Mp3s. Here is how to make sure that you are going to get them as mp3s:

Tools>Options>Rip Music and select MP3 under Rip settings as your format of choice.

I use to use a good freeware program called CDex. It gets the job done. I found it while browsing for freewares at

Besides ripping music, I watched Zathura. This is the movie from the makers of Jumanji and is a modern version of the previous I would say. Give this movie a skip as there was nothing worth watching it for.

That’s all for me now and I am dreading to go to work tomorrow. Sigh*

Benny Ong XXX

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