Thursday, July 20, 2006

Dorm : A Thai Horror Flick

Thailand has been famous for horror flicks like Shutter (which I have yet to watch) and Nang Nak (A Tale of A Women Who Died in Labor).

Today evening, out of spur of the moment, me and my buddies decided to watch Dorm which the trailer from my previous movie outing to watch Stay Alive caught my attention. I went into the cinema at Sunway Pyramid, armed and ready to be scared my life away.

Dorm Poster

The story was about a boy named Chatree who was forcedly sent to an all boys boarding school. Reluctantly living his life and buddies behind, he was in a new place living in the dorm run by Ms Pranee and was picked by the others as the outcast. A group of kids decided to tell him ghost stories and one about a boy who died in the now abandoned swimming pool. The movie started out slow and with typical eerie sound effects.

I am giving you a warning that a major spoiler is ahead of the story. So, please stop reading if you do not wish your movie experience to be destroyed.

Chatree soon made friends with Wichien and became very close

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