Thursday, July 27, 2006

Adding Flickr Gallery To My Blog


Buenos Tardes,

That was good afternoon in Spanish. Today, I have decided to search the internet to recover some digital pictures that I have lost from my corrupted storage, misplacing them and etc. I manage to come up with a decent amount from the search and have updated my flickr account with them. However, I have yet to organize them in albums.

For a change, I have also integrated the flickr gallery into my blog using a wordpress plugin but there seems to be some layout problems that I have yet to solve. Take a sneak peak of the gallery here. Just as an additional info, you can just simply access my flickr page straight away to look at the pics.

So, Angie, if you are reading this, I hope those pics will satisfy you.

Well, keep you all updated shortly.


Benny XXX

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