Sunday, July 30, 2006

50th Wedding Anniversary

Today, I was at Holiday Villa Subang for the 50th Wedding Anniversary and 80th Birthday of P.S Nair, a long known family friend. My mum came down this weekend for this special occasion.

The celebration started close to 12 noon when the couple walked into the Victorian Ballroom to a strong cheering crowd of over 200 family and friends. I can’t help it but recall the times when I was in Liberia, Africa when they use to buy toys for me during Christmas.

The thing that triggered me most is when we met up in Penang earlier this year and Auntie Uma, (PS. Nair’s Wife) can remember my exact birth date. It is an amazing thing for people that we have not met for years to remember such things and it does take an effort. This are the ones that I will keep close to my heart.

Me & My Mum
My Mum & Me
Uncle Nair was my Dad’s colleague when he served in Uniroyal Liberia. Mr. Nair spent about 20 years there and it is where he made his fortune. He can get all the respect from me as he has no Degree or proper qualifications. An amazing achievement I would say.

He is 80 years old but do not look anywhere near such age. I believe that he is one of the oldest people there but he certainly did not look that way.

The event was organized by their daughter Priya and her husband Keith. The program from the day included a speech from their grandson, performances by family members and renewing their wedding vows.

There was a short skit which showed how the couple first met in the days before Malaysia achieve independence and was under the British. Mr Nair was from Malaysia and Aunt Uma was from India.

Both of them are now jetsetters, spending their days in India, Malaysia, USA and Japan. The couple will be leaving for the States on August 18 and hopefully I will be arranging a meet up before they leave.

Looking at them inspires me and I envy the life he has lived. He can proudly look back and say that it was an amazing 80 years spent. From now on, I will look up to him as an idol.

Signing off….

Benny Ong

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