Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ridiculous Bank Charges

I was just at the bank about an hour ago trying to get a letter showing my account details for my employer. I had opened my account earlier that week and when I tried to request the letter from the officer, she told me that there is nothing to show since there were no transactions and it would be a waste of my money if I request the letter from them as it will cost a staggering amount of RM20.00. I politely asked if there is any possibility for any kind of statement to be printed, she once again said that is no need for one and managed to somewhat convince me that what my employer needed was just my account number and suggested that I printed one from my online banking account.

Things did not go on smoothly when I received an e-mail stating that my printed statement was not accepted. I gave the bank a call yesterday at about 3.40 p.m. when I read the e-mail which was already too late for me to personally rush into the branch. The person on the phone suggested that I come in the next day.

Today in the bank, I was told to hand write a letter because they have run out of that particular form. My patience was running out because I had called the day before and an officer had told me to come in today with me assuming everything would be fine.

The officer on duty said that everything will turn out fine with just the letter and I would most probably collect it on Monday after filling the pre dated form. All I did was just got her name and contact number so that I can hold her accountable should I fail to receive a letter.

To get that letter from the bank would cost me RM20 which I believe is overcharging its customers and without ethics. We are giving you the privilege to have us as a customer and you are taking advantage of us. Likewise, the bank can state the same in their case.

Other charges which I believe is unnecessary are for closing your bank account and setting up a standing order for internal bank payments of transfers. I can understand charges on late payments or late service of existing loans or credit cards but still do not believe in charging good behaving customers.

Lessons learned: If I were to stand firm with my decision to get the letter done on the day I opened the account, I would not have made additional trips to the bank and would have gotten things sorted out with my employer. I should not have listened to the officer as my employer has clearly stated in my employment letter that they needed a letter from my bank stating all my details.

Have you received a bad service from your bank? What was the worse? I want to hear from you.

Benny Ong XXX

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