Wednesday, May 10, 2006

London Pass

Your Passport to London that gives you FREE entry to over 50 Favourite Attractions as well as option for travel on public transport on buses, tubes and trains. The London Pass offers not only great value and convenience, but also enables you to beat the queues at selected attractions.

When I was visiting tourist spots in London as a student, people tend to ask me how I could afford it because all the entry prices were so expensive and even student rates could not help us unfortunate skint students. Mind you, I was not spending my parent’s money.

Although I spent most of my free time in Tate Modern, British Museum, Imperial War Museum and The National Gallery because they were free, no experience in London can be complete without visiting key places such as St Paul’s Cathedral (£9.00), Tower Bridge Exhibition (£5.50), London Aquarium (£11.75) and Shakespeare’s Globe (£9.00).

If I would personally just go to three of this places and buying tickets for them separately, it would have cost me a whooping £35.25. I would enjoy a savings of £6.25 if I visited these three areas with a one day London Pass and £7.45 if I got the London Pass that includes a travel.

London Pass is your Passport to London that gives you FREE entry to over 50 Favorite Attractions as well as option for travel on public transport on buses, tubes and trains.

The London Pass not only gets you into this tourist spots but also allows you to jump the queue in often crowded tourist spots such as the Tower of London and St Paul’s Cathedral. When I was at Tower of London, I did not have to queue to get my tickets and just went through the express lanes that made me and my mates feel like VIPs.

You don’t simply just get a card but also a mini guidebook with a map that highlights all the museums and exhibitions you may enter for free with the pass. The guidebook also comes with free vouchers that entitle you to free gifts and discounts on famous food and beverages outlets.

You can get two types of London Pass with or without travel at adult or child rates. I would recommend that you get the one with travel because it comes with a Zone 1-6 Travelcard that is worth £12.40 during peak hours that you may use for unlimited travel the whole day on Buses and the Underground.

If you do get the London Pass, get the one that includes travel to enjoy extra savings since you are going to need transport anyway and my recommendation for your journey would be as below. This is the exact trail I made with my first London Pass and it might be a rush for some but well worth it for me.

Start of early and enter St Paul’s Cathedral (£9.00) at 8.30 a.m., make your way down to Tower of London (£15.00) and then The Tower Bridge Experience (£5.50) followed by the HMS Belfast (£8.50), Britain At War Experience (£9.50), wine tasting at Vinopolis (£15.00), Shakespeare’s Globe (£9.00), London Aquarium (£11.75) and end the day with a game of bowling at the Namco Station at London County Hall with £3.00 worth of token free just next to where the Aquarium is. This whole trip would have cost £86.25 just on admissions and £92.45 with a peak one day travelcard. I saved a total of £58.45 just by being smart and using a London Pass for my visits.

The whole adventure took us about 12 hours during summer weekday and we took self guided tours in each location. We recommend you to spend time at places you like most and feel free to skip some of the places above if it does not interest you. Remember to enjoy the trip and not rush. We had lunch while walking on the South Bank which saved us some time.

Please note that the prices used for individual tourist attractions in this post are adult and correct at time of this post was made as obtained from its respective official website and are all of the highest possible value and not considering off peak rates or concessions that may be available.

My Tip:

To make your trip a memorable one, plan ahead and check for the opening and closing times. Operating times may differ according to daylight savings. Check Transport For London's official website for details about possible suspension of certain tube lines or busses. Tube lines are often suspended during weekends for engineering works.

Other places you may also visit with your London Pass:

London Zoo (£14.80)
Kensington Palace (£11.50)
Kew Gardens (£11.75)
Windsor Castle (Includes Free Transport from Paddington if bought with Travel) (£13.50)
Hampton Court Palace (£12.30)

Click here for more information and to get your the London Pass.

Well, thats all, share your experiences with me when you are done with your trip and try to beat my record at the amount of savings I made.

Take care.

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