Thursday, May 11, 2006

Free Pong Game Download

Greetings everyone,

Well, look at what I did on my spare time, I created a Pong game.

For those unaware of what the game is about, here is a brief history courtesy of wikipedia:

“PONG is a video game based on ping-pong, released by Atari on November 29, 1972. It is the first video game to win widespread popularity, in both its arcade and home console versions.

Its creators were the first to recognize that technology had evolved sufficiently to make such a game possible. Displaying graphics on a video screen and reacting immediately to user input required more computer power than 1960s consumer products could afford. Even in 1970, the computing power of a modern cell phone would have required a mainframe computer the size of a small apartment.

However, by drawing only two lines for paddles, a line for the net and a square for the ball, Pong was playable as a graphical game on the primitive technology of the early 1970s. It unleashed a torrent of innovation and creativity that represented the first generation of video game development.�

The version I created can be played directly from your desktop and the screenshot of the game is below: Pong

Feel free to redistribute the version I created as it is freeware. Don’t worry, I did not put any spy ware on the program and it has been scanned for virus. However, I can’t confirm the compatibility of the game with system configurations but if you have Windows XP, it should work fine.

The file is just a single executable file and no installation is required. It can be stored nicely in your thumb drive as it is just a mere 433KB.

Click here to download it now for Free. Please remember to send me your feedback.

Take care.

Benny Ong

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