Friday, March 10, 2006

My First Car: Perodua Kembara CT Aero

Today is 10th of March 2006. I have finally collected my Kembara. It is a CT Aero Model and the colour is Estetika Purple.

Why did I go for the colour purple you might say? Well, being me, I like to be different and I have never notice that model on the road before. Why should I drive a regular car when I can get something unique. Besides that, the other only available option was black. Something I would not go for or recommend for our nasty weather. The purple is unnoticeable under bright sunlight and camouflages as a little silverish. I will be posting up a picture of the car or even maybe a short video soon.

If you know me for a while now, you might question why did I get a Kembara when I have been driving a Kembara all along. The answer is “Why Fix It If It Ain’t Broke?�. I hope that satisfies your curiosity.

I am very excited as this is officially my first car that I bought with my own money and certainly not going to be my only. The next thing that I am aiming for is a house within the next year or so. Wish me luck on that.

I did not have much time to mess around with the car yet but I should have all the time in the world for my dispense as the car is mine well not officially until the loan with the bank is finished.

That’s all folks, till next time…. Take care of yourself.

Benny Ong XXX

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