Monday, March 20, 2006

How To Taste Wine

Well, I am not a great wine drinker but on occassions I wish I have known more. Well, thanks to the internet, I just discovered a cool page that explains everything. Here it goes:

The Basics

Before you learn to walk, you need to crawl. Have a read at the basics of how wine is made.

How To Taste Wine

So you want to look the part when it comes to wine tasting, but you don’t know the first thing about wine, other than you like drinking it, perfect! That’s what we’re here for. All you need to do is follow our 3 easy steps, and we’ll make you look like an expert! It’s a definite way to impress!

Top Wine Tips

Learn extra knowledge about wine care.

That website also organizes Wine Tasting Parties which is a good date suggestion or for any social occassion.

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