Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kid Rock & Scott Stapp Sex Tape Download

Well, I just read about the sex tape of Kid Rock and Scott Stapp (Lead Singer of the band Creed that doesn't exist anymore). Nope, they are not having sex with each in the video. The video was reportedly shot during Kid Rock and Creed's 1999 tour. It has resurface and the current owner of it says it plans to release the full version shortly for sale. A price and date has yet to be announced.

Representatives of Kid Rock and Scott Stapp has failed to comment on this.

Various reports of this are available online, I read mine from Here are other sites with similar reports.

Will this stir up their popularity like what it did to Paris Hilton and will they take a profit from selling the videos? Well, time will tell.

For those who are curious, here is the video preview:

Benny XXX

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beth said...

they both are yummy and i GOTTA Have that VIDEO!!!