Friday, February 17, 2006

3 issues of Test Drive magazine for only ₤1.00

Greetings Guys!

There is a way for you to get 3 issues of Test Drive magazine for only ₤1.00. It includes free delivery and comes with a free gift.

Test Drive Magazine:

Every issue of Test Drive is packed full of information and entertaining features designed to make choosing your next car a pleasure, not a chore. Take 3 issues for £1 and see how Test Drive has got it all covered – without compromising on style.

Free Gift:

The free gift is The AA 2005 Route planner. The free gift itself is worth loads more than ₤1.00 with free delivery together with your first issue.

If you are just interested in the free gift, cancel your subscription after you received your third issue. You can cancel it online, so you never have to write in or phone in to speak to an operator. I have personally done it before.

After you have cancelled, all 3 issues and your free gifts are for yours to keep.

What Is The Catch?
Well, from time to time, publishers would make attractive offers or organize campaigns to get more subscribers and they usually have a huge sum of money to spend on advertising. Some of this money is given to the subscribers in the form of free gifts. Besides attracting customers, it also creates a good publicity for the company and higher brand awareness. So, the company is not losing money on this at all.

Go to for details on this offer. Not to sure on how long this offer will last though. Enjoy while it lasts.

Take advantage of this offer!

Benny XXX

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