Sunday, January 01, 2006

Welcome 2006 ! Goodbye 2005!

I was woken up early this morning by my mother. Being reluctant to get up, I somehow manage because in my mind I was aware that there was a function to attend. I spent most of my time late last night sending my friends in the UK text messages from the website wishing them Happy New Year. I was glad to receive their replies.

Yup, back to where I was. There was an annual ceremony that I have to attend back in my father’s estate. It is an annual event to thank the gods for taking care of the farm like a harvest festival and of course a good excuse for a celebration and a feast. The function takes place in a shrine just about hundred metres from the entrance of the estate dedicated to an Indian god. It has been there for many years. I believe it to be founded by the estate workers that used to work there. Like most Indian temples, it has a large tree overlooking the whole shrine.

The ceremony has been an annual tradition years and years ago, long before my dad owned the estate. I remembered being there when I was about 10. There will be offerings to the god and the smell of incense everywhere. However, it did not turn out like what I had in mind. The function which used to be attended by mostly Indians estate workers (bare in mind that it is an Indian god) turned out to be more of a family function for the caretaker of the farm we called Ah Pek. However, I did feel happy to see people enjoying themselves.

Soon after, we headed home. Later that evening, I headed to Prangin Mall in town. The last time I was there was more than a year ago. I remembered it to be just a modern version of what the Bazar Aneka in Komtar used to look like. I had some stuff to buy in mind like a new motherboard which I blew up the last time I tried to fix my computer. After getting one, I was introduced to a cool store called Coco by my sister Adeline that sells very cool gadgets at great prices. I remembered seeing some similar stuff in Gadgetshop which is now of non existence but at very valuable prices. I did not hesitate to get a digital table clock (something I have been looking for) which displays the time, date and temperature in three different circle LCDs. I was already contented to get a digital clock at that price but surprisingly, it has a list of functions to boasts like displaying the temperature, time and date in various formats and multiple version of the snooze alarm. Only thing missing at the moment is illumination so that I can see the time in the dark. Well, with the price I paid, I can live with that.

Back home, we were waiting the return of my other sister, Xin Rong which was in KL for about a week and a half. There was The Village showing on Star Movies, so why not jump into the opportunity to watch it as I have never seen it. I did not even budge to go welcome my sis home because I was afraid that I would miss any important part of the movie. My conclusion of the movie was it did not turned out as bad as I thought it would be. If I can only direct my own version of that movie, it would include a signing of a MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) between the villagers and those who we do not speak off and encourage trade between the two. An immigration and customs department will be set up. Well, that’s all I have got to say at the moment from what my version of the Village is concern.

And here we come to an end of another day in my life and the first day of the Year 2006. I would wish everyone reading a Happy New Year!

Benny XXX

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