Saturday, September 03, 2005

SFS Model Scouting Party

I attended the Summer Model Scout Party organised by Stuck For Staff (SFS). It was held at the Penthouse which is a club situated on the sixth floor in Leicester Square. The dress code for the evening was Glamour Summer and Sexy Bikini Wear (No one present was aware of the theme I guess?, luckily I did not spend too much effort on it) with over 20 modelling and field marketing agencies in attendance.

The entrance was just around the corner of MTV TRL’s studio opposite Sound Bar. The lift that takes you to the sixth floor are those ones that allows you to view the scenes outside through a glass window. The view wasn’t anything amazing compare from the one in the club itself.

The club boasts a nice view of London Eye and Big Ben and Leicester Square below and had three floors but with the same music. The funny thing is, I’ve always notice the club when I was walking in Leicester Square but never thought that I will actually go there. As we entered at about 9.20, we manage to grab ourselves a seat and a table just right around the corner. It was a quiet start but more and more people started to come in and at around 11.00 everyone started dancing.

The night was enjoyable and we spent around 40 Quids on two bottles of Red Wine (The most affordable on the menu). The good thing was, we got in for free instead of paying any cover charge as we’ve got invitation. It would have cost us 15 pounds each if we wanted to get in on a normal day.

We left at 1 in the morning cause my sister had to work the next day….. Would have stayed longer perhaps. We made a quick visit of each floor before descending to ground of Leicester Square and taking bus 94 from Picaddily Circus home.

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