Sunday, September 04, 2005

Regent Street Festival

Well, when I was walking down Regent Street yesterday, I was passed a flyer which was mentioning something about a 10% discount at participating stores in conjuction with the Regent Street festival. It did not struck me at that time that the streets will be blocked today and laid with patches of grass. I remembered reading about it when I was back at home in Malaysia last year and wished I was there.

I headed off for a late start after settling some business and took the bus 148 down at Park Lane. I picked up my sister and walked straight to Regent Street. It was packed with crowds of people. There was this stand that attracted us. Every single minute someone was winning one of those massive soft toys. We decided to have a go. How the game works is that you will be given a tickets with random numbers in them. You can mix and match them till they make a total of 21 and you win. We spent 5 quids which gives us about 14 tickets and we did not win anything. Feeling cheated or just being unlucky, we decided to drag ourselves away from the stand before drying out our wallets.

I had Burger King (Super Size) for lunch and was suppose to watch Charlie & The Chocolate Factory but unfortunately, things did not work out. So, I headed home and decided to add a few lines on my blog!

Well, that’s all for now. Till next time….. Goodbye.

P/S: I have managed to add multiple language plugin for my blog. I tried adding a gallery with but it is yet to work….

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