Sunday, March 26, 2017

Profiting from Videos

Another week has gone and I hope you are all experimenting on profiting from your content. This week I would like to cover places where you can upload your videos and profit from them. You may sell your videos traditionally as a pay per view or capitalise on video sharing platforms to a revenue ad share with you. This is where you get paid a portion of the commission from the ads displayed on your videos.

This site needs no introduction and it is by far the largest video sharing site available. You will need to get approval first before you are able to monetize your videos and you will need a google adsense account to get paid. Once you have some videos available on youtube, you can apply to link the accounts together so you can start profiting from your videos.

DailyMotion is a good alternative to Youtube and have a separate payment platform from Google's adsense. Here you can profit from ads displayed on your videos or requiring customers to pay to view your video. Click here to start monetizing your videos.

Vimeo is a paid option with a monthly subscription to sell your videos worldwide. I do recommend that you register for the free account to familiarise yourself first or you can always opt for the free 30 days trial before making up your mind.

Remember that the above are video streaming platforms for you to sell your video content. Don't forget that you can zip up your video files to sell on the other platforms I have posted about in my previous posts or create a physical equivalent of it to sell on Amazon. Let me know how you get on!

Enjoy the rest of week and don't stop experimenting.

Let me know how you get on!

Enjoy the rest of week and don't stop experimenting.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Canva - Free Online Image Editor Tutorial

One of the best free online image editing tool that I have found and use is Canva. Use it to create banners to promote your products or websites. Here are some quick tutorials to help you get started! Enjoy!

Creating Your Canva Account

How To Use Canva

How To Save Images From Canva

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Reselling Public Domain Comic Books

I touched on selling public domain materials in one of my older posts and also shared generic sources for public domain materials where you can get such contents.

Today, I would like show an example of an specific niche you can focus on which are comic books. There are millions of comic books from the golden age that are now in the public domain and you can get your slice of the multi million dollar comic book industry.

But where can I find those comic books? Well, thanks to the internet and the collective efforts of many, here are my top sites for sourcing public domain comics for resale.

Comic Book +
Digital Comic Museum
Fury Comics

If comic books are not your thing, you can use the artwork from the materials to add into products you are developing too.

As usual, it goes without saying that you will need to research copyright and public domain laws in each country that you intend to sell your products to.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Selling Your Digital Products on Amazon

Venturing for new marketplaces to sell your products is always a good idea. I tend to try out a lot of platforms and stick with the ones that works. I also tend to use the term set and forget where sometimes sales are generated from marketplaces or stores that I have forgotten about.

One of my more recent ventures is to see the possibilities of selling digital products on Amazon and here are the list of options I have discovered.

1. Sell your product as a DVD using Kunaki to manufacture on demand. Click here for a sample product sold using this model.

2. Publish them as books or ebooks using Kindle Digital Publishing

3. Create videos and get paid when the content are streamed.

4. Sell your merchandise (T-shirt designs & etc). This is currently by invitation only.

I encourage you to try out new things and you never know what you might discover next!